From the desk of the Managing Director
Professor Stanwell P. Briar
     Unfortunately, as you can see from the picture, the Professor is not currently at his desk in the office or busily puttering about in the laboratories.  It is possible that he is either working in the field, or perhaps at the Linz Research Station.  A note has been sent by postal coach and it should reach Linz once the snow in the mountain passes has melted.  Usually that is sometime in June.  Until he returns or we hear from him by post, please take advantage of the information presented by the other researchers. 
     And Professor, if you are reading this, please come back.  All is forgiven.  The Dean has accepted that the loss of the two graduate student lab assistants was as unavoidable as the eighteen prior.  After all it’s all in the pursuit of science.  Oh, and on a side note, that Schwabian woman with the broken heart, STD and halbard has returned to her homeland.
 DRC Administrative Services
Applied Research in Science Fact and Fiction
Current and Past Research Topics
Hertzian waves
Coherer tube
Heinrich Rudolf Hertz – Hertzian waves 1886 – 1888
Sir William Crookes – vacuum tubes, cathode rays
Reginald Fessenden – 1906 AM audio
John Ambrose Fleming - Fleming Valve 1904
Lee De Forest  Audion tube 1906
Thermionic valves
Teslapunk, Steampunk, Electronpunk, Vacuumpunk
Detroit Colonial Research Station
Durham UK Research Station
Linz, Austria Research Station
     Research at our laboratory located in the American colonies is conducted deep beneath the village of Detroit in an inactive (abandoned) salt mine.  Current research is focused on the electrikus excitation of various crystalline substances.
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The Durham UK research station has been responsible for many of the technical advances in the dirigibles of the Royal Dirigible Airship Service. 
The Linz, Austria research substation has been focused for several years now on materials science especially as related to crystalline structures, application of the Electrikus and ferrous metal casting.  Additional exciting work is under-way in glass and vacuum.
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Published Papers
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